Sunday, 5 December 2010

Digital Film Production: Idea Development

For my music video for "Echoplex", I've been thinking about the feasibility of my idea. After looking every where I could think of to either aquire or comission someone to make a balsa wood chair I decided it would probably be more hassle than it's worth. In response to this I decided to change this feature to something, perhaps a tray of food or something similar.

I've also researched into the type of electronics that I want to show in the scenes I've dubbed as "The Observer Scenes". It's generally stuff from the 1950's onwards to try get that metal feel, I've always loved the way these machines look with their multiple dials, screens, switches and their large metal cases. I'm going to be looking for places that deals in either antiques or movie props that I can rent.

For the part of the Observer I wanted a fairly attractive female to be dressed in very business attaire, I have a few friends who I feel might fit the bill so I shall have to contact them.

When it comes to adding more style to the overall video I wanted to add the Echoplex design some where in the production, I decided to elabourate upon the prisoner concept and use the design in the form of branding as a tattoo on the captive. For this I'll have to look into how to create semi realistic tattoos for use in film.

I feel with this development I'm getting closer to my ideal concept for my video. I just need to find a location to shoot in and choose and actress to appear in the video, after that I just have to draw up a storyboard and I'm ready to start filimg.

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