Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Digital Film Production: Prop Research

When it comes to the props, I went searching for several places that I could either purchase or hire my desired aesthetic electronics. I went around several antique shops in Leeds and unfortunately my search came up empty.

For the film I want electronics similar to the ones around the 1950s period to give a very "nineteen eighty-four" feel to the video as I feel the rustic yet mechanical look will really give it an interesting visual impact.

Luckily whilst in an antique medal shop I inquired about any similar shops around Leeds and the staff there gave me a contact to an antique/prop rental shop out by Burnley road by the name of "The Swiss Cottage". I went out to the shop to see what kind of wares they would have, depending on their stock this would either make or brake my idea and would force me to choose another to develop.

Upon arriving I asked the gentleman at the desk if they did movie props for rental and luckily the answer was yes. I explained my concept to him and he directed me to the correct area of the shop that was full of exactly the type of machines that I wanted. This really help with my project, I decided I would use the swiss cottage for my prop resources. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of what I saw but you'll see the equipment once I rent it out when it comes to shooting.

This is just another step for for me and I'm feeling very optimistic for my project.

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