Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Digital Film Production: Location Scouting

When it came to finding locations I needed a maximum of two rooms. One for the scenes with the "Observer" and one for the "Prisoner". For the observer scenes the room I would need would preferable need to be dark, of course this isn't the most important aspect as it can all be sorted afterwards with effects or set decoration. For the scenes with the prisoner I needed something more akin to a small stock room or either white or grey colour.

To find these places my first initial idea was to try scouting out the Leeds College of art: Vernon street building, as I had spent two years there and some of the basement floors had wonderful nooks and crannies, also there are many store rooms. Unfortunately after checking up and down no room was either available or fitting in either terms of space of practicality.

After returning the Blenhiem I informed my fruitless search to my tutor, to which they suggested a room that was often not used very often and is disliked by tutors to teach in as it is often cold or just to far away from other resources. After inspecting the room I promptly asked to have it booked for a full day the following week.

With the Observer scene location sorted all that was left was to find a location for the Prisoner scenes. Again after inquiring I was given the opportunity to use the large disabled bathroom as it's often not used, all I had to do was fill out a risk assessment form and to use the room at a less busy time. The bathroom is a perfect place for the prisoner scenes as it's a very cold and sterile environment that will fit the mood I want to build.

Now with my locations and props sorted all that is left is to just build upon my concept and thinks some things out more logically to help filming go much more smoothly. Overall I'm getting pretty excited about this project as it is slowly blossoming!

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