Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Digital Film Production: First Cut

With the shooting and rough editing done, below is the first cut that I've created, it's best played in 720p. The most notable thing with thi cut is that due to using the 35mm lense the camera man at times had knocked the zoom feature which resulted in the boarder of the lense showing up at several points. Luckily the video has been edited in such a way that it almost looks asthough this has been done on purpose.

For the final edit I just have to adjust some features and sort out a few effects such as adding extra boarders to just try and cover up the tracks of the boarder of the lense. There were also issues with other effects such as adding in a cctv cam and transposing footage onto the moniter which unfortunately couldn't be seen to fruition. The ending is in sight, after the final cut, the only things left to do are to create the DVD cover and DVD menu. This has been a long but rewarding road.

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