Thursday, 16 December 2010

Digital Film Production: Evaluation

In this project I was given the task of creating a music video a song featured on the free music archive, I could choose any track as long as it was between 30 seconds - 5 minutes at the maximum with free reign over the project to be as experimental as I would like. The project would be completed in teams in which we help each other with our own concepts, this would be sorted by electing roles for each of use to complete, in my group I chose to be the art director, nominating Ben Marles to be the Video's Director and Will Farrell to be the SFX Leader.

I decided on this rooster as I have seen their work on previous project and I feel that these roles work well with their strengths. Whilst I had worked as a director on previous projects I always felt my involment in that stage of the production lead to a lower quality product in the end, but my planning and editing skills are generally stronger. As Art Director my role was to determine the style of the video and design the overall production, I felt my choices along the way in searching for locations, props and money management have all been generally well thought out, even though I encountered some problems along the way I didn't give up, I either found a new solution or compromised with what I had to make the best of a situation. This was definetly proved when it came to location scouting as that was one of the larger problems of the project but after fiding a place and the proper set design it looked better than previous video projects I had completed.

During filming I left most of the choices to Ben, periodically making sure he was following key scenes on the storyboard and suggesting new shots to try keep in style of the themes I wanted, essentially acting like a producer of sorts. The footage turned out great due to our choice of using the 35mm lense and it's an artistic choice that I'm glad I agreed on as there are some very stylisic shots that I don't think I would have been able to get without it. This two person style directing seemed to pay off unfortunately due to our un familiarity with the Camera we were using some scenes ended up being botched in some places. Luckily this was salvagable in the editing stage as due to some clever effects with footage and After effects it looks as though these mistakes were done on purpose as part of an artistic choice, which considering is pretty good for myself as an editor with little experience.

During the graphic design stage of creating the DVD cover and menus, I paid close attention to the detail of the muscian's art direction and tried to emulate it to create something similar. Overall my patience of taking time to analyse the art work before creating my own paid off as I feel my final product is something of a higher quality than that of my previous out puts, once again it has been the attention to smaller details that helps it stand out against previous efforts. Oddly my favourite part of this whole process was the graphic design as previously I found it to be a labourious and boring task, this change might have been caused due to my reign over all artistic elements of my own project.

On Ben's project I acted as an editor, but really more as a consultant as Ben was using stock footage that I wasn't familar with, every day or so he would call me up to inspect his work and I'd pointers on which scenes should flow into what with added suggests on how I may do things. I tried hard to be supportive and offer creative criticism but Ben was clearly very compitant in his vision, I just help smoothing out transitions from scene to scene.

On Will's project I was given charge of the camera, my general reluctance for this made me hesitant at first but I decided to follow the same two man apporach I had used on my project. Every time it came to a new shot I would discuss exactly what Will wanted in his shot, this back and forth between use resulted in some really nice footage. Showing that communication is key when creating any piece of group work.

I feel I'm getting better at time and group management as I completed filming within a day, everyone seemed happy to work with me and left in high spirits. The amount of effort I put into my own project is nothing to laugh at though, I feel like I've worked on this for quite sometime and yet I still feel like there are somethings missing but I'm pleased and proud with the way that things have turned out if not a little releaved that it's finally done. I've come to terms that filming is not my strong point now but the planning stages are, if I were to go in film it would most definetly be as an art director.

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