Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Digital Film Production: Editing, Final Cut & SFX

After exporting the footage into Final Cut Pro I started to cut my video together using my storyboard as a rough guide. During filming we also shot many extra footage of panning shots and shots we felt could be added, in the end I doubled up shots to help move the narrative along but using tricks such as reversing the speed or adjusting colour and other such tricks such as this.

When it came to putting the footage together it was revealed that there were instances of the 35mm lense being zoomed out too far showing the borders of the lense. Luckily I edited the footage in such away that these errors look as though they've be done on purpose as part of art design, to be fair this is all a part of the learning process of use the XDcam.

Unfortunately several problems came up during the SFX stages of the production, the first being sovling the problem of pulling of the slow motion shot. Due to a lower aperture once placing the desired footage into after effects to slow down a weird warping effected happened, this wasn't too bad as it looks sort of stylistic. The other problem was my idea of placing a camera in a piece of footage in that the angles didn't match up, in the end the process turned into more of a logistical nightmare to figure out so this idea was scrapped and replaced with other footage. Overall I feel concept is still translated without the cctv cam placed in.

When it came to the other SFX it was more used as a method to cover up my mistakes by adding in slight borders in places. Luckily this seemed like childs play for SFX consultant Will Farrell and the process was completely completed with minor problems.

Through the process of editing I exported a first cut to compare the before and after stages of the cuts. Both cuts are similar as I spent time trying to make sure I would get as close to my intended vision.

All thats left is to create my dvd case and I'll be done.

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