Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Digital Film Production: DVD Cover and Menu

When it came to designing the DVD case I looked over my orignal design that I had sketched out and proceeded to search out metal textures. When creating the design in photoshop I worked from the background up, taking several Metal textures and overlaying them with layer effects such as "multiply" and adjusting their properties in the image menu. I then added a slight gradient effect around the sides to add atmosphere to the texture, I then created the "echoplex" logo and proceeded to add this pixelation effect by selecting areas of the design with the selection tool, cutting them out and movingthem ever so slightly to create this "digital bleed" effect.

When it came the choice of font I wanted to use the same one as used on the original album, with a quick google search I acquired the font, under the title of "Lights in the sky". I then applied this to the design on the cover and the spine, with the credits on the back. I then applied the "digital bleed" effect to the title on the front and the spine. I then added a metal texture to the logo and title to help meld the design with the background but I felt that this was still lacking, so I added a red after image behind the logo with a low opacity.

Finally I added the DVD Video logo on the spine and the NIN logo on the front. Overall I'm very pleased with the way this design turned out, to further this I added the 'plex design to the DVDs on the inside, red for the work that I completed over the project and black for the dvd of the video.

I then reused this design to create a DVD menus in DVD studio Pro, modifying it slightly and adding a Red affter image to the title font and adding a play button. I then programed the DVD menu to have a transition to the video, this transition is styled in a pixelated effect that I feel suits the style of the cover, menu and video it's self. Over I'm happy with the way this cover and menu has turned out and it definetly seems a lot more professional just because of it's presentation. Now all thats left is to write up an evaluation.

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