Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Digital Film Production: Development & Concept Art

With pretty much everything in place I went and booked a camera for use for the shooting day. My plan is to just blitz all the scenes in one day to maximise my use of time to clear up any problems that might come in the editing and SFX stages of the project. At the moment I'm tying up loose ends of the design stages.

I decided that I would use the echoplex design as a tattoo on the prisoner as a nod to the work of Rob Sheridan but, to also build upon the feel of imprisionment. I took the basic shape of the design and incorperated it into a basic black design, I thought to build upon the prisioner by adding a number below the design. I purposely chose the number 27 as it refers to the Halo number (a system of figuring out releases of the albums in order) of the album from which the song I chose is featured in, as a nother nod to Nine Inch Nails.

When it comes to applying this design as a tattoo I did some research into how to create realistic looking tattoos for film. The most common method seems to be spraying the area you want to apply the design to with deodrant then get a stencil and draw out the design against the skin and fill in any areas with a pen of the right colour. I tried this method out and it seemed to work perfectly the real trick seems to be keeping the skin dry.

I also have to design a DVD cover to present my work in at the end of the year, this again features the echoplex motif. I looked at other Nine Inch Nails albums to try create something that would emulate the style they're presented in which is often a minimalistic graphic featuring various textures and plain yet unique fonts. I mainly looked at the graphics from 2003 onwards to try keep in style with the Band's current art direction, the artwork from the 2008 album, "The Slip" will prove to be a large influence. When it comes to creating the cover I will collect a range of textures to work with.

With my tattoo method sorted out I just have to make the template. All thats left to do is draw out my story board and confirm my players for the video.

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