Thursday, 16 December 2010

Digital Film Production: Designing Ben's Cover

Once I had made my own, Ben Marles, the director of my video called me and asked if I would be able to create a cover for his DVD case. After giving editing tips to Ben and looking over his work I asked for a close enough final copy of his Music video so that I may get an idea of what to create for his DVD cover. After watching His video it beecame apparent that his Video consists of many shots of the sky with heavy pixelation.

After creating my own cover I decided to use a similar method of designing a cover, by overlaying images of sky and sea, with other textures such as paper. I found that the design was still lacking so I found an image of a pair of lips and adjusted it on the cover, distorting it to a barely recognisable shape. In the images I used the mosaic filter in photoshop to achieve that pixelated effect. The font was created by overlaying different fonts of different colours, I then added the DVD logo and it was done.

I feel this design is a nice contrast to my own and hopefully should fit Ben's vision for his own packaging.

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