Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Digital Film Production: Actor Scout

When it came to looking for an actress to portray the seductive watcher I originally had one person in mind, with several back-ups if it turned out they couldn't do the shoot. Luckily my friend, Liyana (pictured) whom was my first choice was not only availible but also very interested to be a part of the project once I described her role, humourously Liyana was very keen to work with the large 50s style. I described the type of aesthetic I was trying to build and we discussed possible wardrobe styles and in the end we agreed the most suitable costume would be that of a black business suit. Unfortuantely I had already set a budget aside and this sudden possibility would prove to raise it beyond a point I was unsure I was able to reach for personal reason. After further discussion Liyana assured me she had formal clothes that would hopefully fit my vision.

For the part of the prisoner I decided to nominate myself as the actor as I had been in one film projects before but as a smaller role. This time I wanted to leave directing to someone else as after seeing my efforts from behind the camera I feel that it is not one of my strengths. Also I had spent so much time as more of an art director trying to get the exact look I wanted someone to come along and direct instead as I felt I was getting to close to the project to not see things from an outside point. For the costume of the Prisoner I decided to go with plain black clothing that would contrast against the stark white backgrounds of the bathroom set.

For the director I decided to choose Ben Marles (featured here on set) as I've worked with him in the past and he knows the ins and outs of the camera. Ben also knows my general taste in artistic aesthetic, previously he has also suggetsed different methods on shots and artistic direction.

For the special FX I've nominated Will Farrell as his skills with the programs maya and after effects are generally the best I've seen.

With my team together it's time draw the storyboard then it's time for shooting. So far everything is going well, I'm beginning to really anticpate shooting.

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