Sunday, 5 December 2010

Character Design: Turnaround and Final Character Description

With the turnaround done I can pretty much start modeling soon! The only thing I'm missing is a colour scheme for the character. I had created one but after looking back on previous research I realised this needed to be amended as there was just a little too much going on in the image. I've also worked on my character's background and reason for being a villian, check out the whole profile below:

Name: Viradenzia
Age: 25
Race: Human
About: A strong woman with blonde hair. She recieved a battle scar on her face which resulted in her left eye being infected with magic. Often seen wearing the coat of her predecessor as a trophy and constant reminder of her power, her steel grieves protect her legs but have often seen many a men’s heads trapt between them and the floor. She also weilds a steel gauntlet, is she hiding something? Perhaps A weakness or a hidden strength?

History: Previously part of a band of mercinaries with her lover, when he was struck down by their leader she lashed out defeating the previous leader, claiming her new place of power.

Personality:Often very serious about position and controlling her Mercs. Has a slight twitch in her left arm and eye. Takes advantage of her looks to manipulate men.

Objectives: Viradenzia’s goal is to over throw the monarchy and goverment and rule inplace with her own ideals of how the Empire should work. She plans to do this by Forming a force of unimaginable amounts made up of mercinaries and people who want change from their currently govermental system.

All thats left to do is colour my character and create it in Maya, the benefit of this is that I can model the character whilst also colour and by the time the model is complete the colours shall be too which means I can then create the skin for the model fairly easily. stay posted for more developments!

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