Thursday, 2 December 2010

Character Design: Development

I started to develop my character further by trying to give her a sense of power and style. I moved production of my rough designs from paper to photoshop to make adjusting the concept sketches more easier. This design to the right was developed but ultimately abandoned as I felt that it was beginning to look too technologically developed.

I then started work on a piece of concept art that I would use as my basis to develop the character's background and visual style further. I put together a concept that feel is a good point to develop further from, you can see I used the idea of armour for a gauntlet and legging/grieves to create a point of interest, I also added a coat which I may develop into more of a sweeping cape, the colours I feel work well with each other too. Overall I'm happy with how this design has turned out and loof forward to developing it as I feel it's on the right track for fitting with the character I have in mind.

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