Thursday, 2 December 2010

Character Design: 1st Roughs & Padding

Whilst collecting research I started to bust out a few preliminary sketches of my character to be. I knew I wanted a fantasy based female villain which incorporates western medieval armour into the design some how. Whilst looking over my points of inspiration/influence I was finding it hard to put a setting to my character after one or two sketches, I wanted a Fantasy type character for a game I wasn't making. After some time I decided to create a fictional game in my head that was similar to Final Fantasy except made by me, with this context in mind it became much clearer for me to further my designs for my character.

For this imaginary game I imaged a land which is on the brink of a national war due to friction with local groups of mercenaries that are being controlled by one larger organisation, with my female character being the head of said organisation. Ideally this character would be the main antagonist of the game that players would ultimately have to do battle with.

When it came to naming the character I wanted to keep up that fantasy feeling with a name that no one has read before, eventually I decided on trying to make a name from the combination of the two words "Demon" and "Virus", I chose these words as I worked into the character's back story they had received magical powers from an almost fatal encounter with a monster. From All the different combinations I tried I eventually settled on one I felt fit the character I was developing; "Viradenzia". With this I plan to develop more sketches and work more on the characters background.

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