Monday, 8 November 2010

Storyboards and Intrim Crits.

With a concept that is well developed it's time to create a storyboard. When creating this I had it in mind to keep track of where the camera will move to and where type will be placed. in some cases I was still making notes on what effects/animations or what not to add, really it served more as a reminder to myself to try new things as I discover more in after effects. Originally the Storyboard was completed with just pencil and paper and then it was all brought together in photoshop where it was organised and layed out. With this storyboard I feel when it comes to animating it should be fairly easy to follow with what should happen after the last.

I also presented my work so far and storyboard during the itrim crit and explained my concepts and how I plan to push forward with the development overall it was well recieved. This unfortunately left me a little bewildered as there was no critisim to what I was doing or my appraoches, or even suggestions on how to better any of this. This did make me feel a little wary.

Along with everything else I presented this little test reel as a rough idea of how the title sequence's props might work in the opening:

Overall I feel I'm making good progress with my project.

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