Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Simulacrum: Designing a Character Archetype

In this new project I have been given the task to design a character for use within a computer game. This brief is similar to the one given last year (see results to the right)except that this year I will be developing the character and then creating it in Maya along with an enrionment in the new game engine "Unity".

The character will be designed to follow the rules of an archetype (heroes, villians, guards, etc.) and background information about the character wil be developed before the design is finalised thus to better emulate the work flow of a professional game studio. I previously looked at some character designs from realtime world's game A.P.B. and will look at a few more character designs before starting to design my character. Currently my idea is that I want to create another female character but this time a villian in either a fantasy or sci-fi setting, as witht he last project I'll create a few preliminary ideas whlst trying topad out a character back ground and develop it from there.

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