Monday, 8 November 2010

Selecting Music

When it came to choosing music for the title sequence I had a vague idea of what I wanted. Something that was atmospheric and ambient with a slight sense of dread, whilst this was a very specific idea of what I wanted it meant when looking for music I would have to comprosmise on certain elements that I was searching for. Luckily I remember the Nine Inch Nails Album "Ghosts: I - IV" which contained 36 instrumental tracks all under the creative commons liscense. I listened to most of the tracks trying to carefully consider which ones to use and which I thought would fit best. In the end I chose the track "9 Ghosts I" as I felt it fit the mood that my storyboard porsented and fit with the scene of the city and the themes surrounding the book. to listen to the track I selected click here.

With all of my components ready all that is really left to do is to create the props for my title sequence in photoshop and select one of the much smaller list of fonts and I can start to animate!

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