Monday, 8 November 2010

Rough Concepting

Since I would be using After Effects to predominately create my opening title sequence I wanted to keep a fairly minimal style to make things easily on myself as I'm fairly unexperienced with the program. so I created a few sketches to help with thinking about concepts for my title sequence. I thought about the themes and locations in the original narrative with the mind set of trying to focus on one or the other, perhaps even combining the two. I did know that I wanted to get a "Japanese" aesthetic across in some capacity. Below is the first three pages of sketching ideas I had:

I had two main concepts, the first being a pan through various cityscapes and locations relevent to the nrrative and include the titles amoungst the scenery. The second was a scene set in a revolving type sushi bar with close ups of various objects and people. In the end I chose to develop the cityscape idea further. I looked at various images of tokyo through books (such as "Tokyo: City And Architecture" by Livio Sacchi (2004, Skira Editore S.p.A.)), magazines and the internet, from their I began to create some rough sketches to work from and use as starting points to develop a style:

With these rough sketches I'm going to start to develop a style to make them appear more exciting or at the least more interesting.

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