Monday, 8 November 2010

Final Piece and Evaluation

Below is my Title Sequence created for the film adaptation of Ryu Murakami's "In The Miso Soup".

In this project that has last just over a month I have learned a fair bit about new programs, what is capable and what isn't within certain periods of time. Even with delays caused by my personal life I'm still quite proud about the level of quality I've managed to present considering I have never tried anything like this before.

One thing that has become clear to me is that compared to last year whilst I still have bouts of creating things beyond my reach I'm taking time to think things through and how to achieve my goals in the most logically practical way, I fell that my planning has matured over the summer as I followed a very by the book production process in this project, starting from research to developing ideas right the way through to completion of a project.

The process of learning the ins and outs of after effects was a very enjoyable experience and looking back I wish I had spent more time going over tutorials found on the Internet to improve my skills as when I look at my own work I see the little flaws in it and these are the flaws of a person trying to get to grips with the program as he goes along. This kind of making a bridge as you take a step caused a few problems for myself during the animating stage such as having to open photoshop again a tweak certain elements and re-import them back into after effects. I found this to be quite cumbersome but placed the blame on myself.

Working with a new art style was nice for a change and it was a pleasant challenge to create something a little from my usual norm. Overall I'm proud of the imagery I've created during this project as I feel it's something I can take away and reuse in another project in the future and it's be interesting to try adapt it to fit something new or vice versa. Time Management played a bigger part in this project than I expected and due to it I did fall behind slightly on the work but eventually managed to catch by just getting down to doing the work and focusing on it entirely.

I do feel as though I have let myself down slightly as my original idea was this larger concept I wanted to see to fruition but again this project has helped me learn more about trying to stay within my own means as previously I've always been a little ambitious and this time I tried purposely to avoid that but in the end I feel I got carried away by the concept. Whilst the end product isn't what I hoped it would be I feel it accurately depicts my skill and understanding of this brief and the programs I was required to use, if I was to change anything I guess it would be better time management, more time spent working with after effects and maybe thinking out the concept through. Although I am now in the second year when I come up with ideas for a project I still feel unsure of the feasibility of pulling them off and a feeling of not knowing quite how to do it. For the next project I wouldn't mind taking a few minutes to talk to a tutor about the ideas and concepts I have before beginning to execute them to make sure that I make the most of my time on a given project.

Some of the more enjoyable parts were creating the scenery that was needed and searching for a font, in this project I did learn the importance a font can have to the overall composition as there is so much personality a font can bring to a piece that can make all the difference. I also enjoyed the early development stages and I'm beginning to feel like I know what position I'd like to be in if I were to work in a larger company. With each project that goes by my favourite sections tend to be the early development stage so I probably wouldn't mind entering employment around this profession.

Overall I feel I have achieved my goals in this project but I fear I have not achieved them to a standard I had wish. Once again time management was a main point of improvement but overall I feel a little more level headed about projects. I wouldn't mind working with after effects again and developing my skills more as it seems very much a program I'd like to be able to use more competently. With this project sounded wrapped up I am patiently looking forward to the next.

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