Monday, 8 November 2010

Creating the scenery

When it came to creating the items that will be seen in my final opening sequence it was fairly simple process. I first create a rough sketch on paper and then scan it into photoshop from there I begin to use the select tool to outline areas and fill them using the paint bucket tools. This is then repeated with different colours and shapes until I have a more final looking object. I would then seperate different objects into layer and select paper textures for them to use which compliment others in the composition. I also added details by adding shaded colour blocks or small signs to try make boring scenes seem more lively and interactive, when they're not really.

There are how ever some exceptions, such as with the trees. I collected a series of images of trees from google and by using the magnet selection tool traced certain aspects of them such as shape and shadows and coloured them accrodingly as there was no way I could create a believable tree in a short time let alone the 8 that I did end up creating. After that I then added a different paper texture to each tree to make sure they stand out against each other. If it was revleaed that I would need more trees my plan was to duplicate trees and then just swap the texture there for creating a wealthy list of variants.

With my components all created it's time to start animating!

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