Monday, 8 November 2010

Collecting textures

When creating my test scenes with the paper textures I decided that it would be the style that I want to see my title sequence finalised in so I went out to try collect as many paper textures as I could. Fortunately for myself I often purchase the monthly magazine "imagine FX" which usually come with a free DVD-Roms with loads of resources on that are all free to use. Luckily many of the issues I had came with Texture packs, so after searching through various DVD-roms I collected all the paper textures I could. From there I decided I didn;t need as many as I had collected and decided to thin out this selection as to better keep a theme with my aesthetic and make it easier when it came to building my props for animation. Out of the 30 that I had found I decided to just work with 12 ( I cheated slightly by using non paper ones but that have the same kind of look as paper, just for diveristy). Below is a selection of those 12 that I plan to use.

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