Monday, 8 November 2010

Animating in After Effects

I briefly used After Effects last year in the video production and again earlier in this project for mor of a crash course. I found Animating in the program to be a weird mixture of simplicity and fustration due to a mix of my currently limited skills and understanding and the seemingly limited options for animation.

I tried to stay as close to my original storyboard as I could but soon after getting to around 50% of completion I realised I had been slightly over ambitious with my concept. I was finding myself to constantly be tweeking and in some cases leaving out whole scenes due to a mixture of difficulty in pulling them off and editing for the sake of keeping within the time limit.

There were instances when I have to go back to photoshop to tweak my props as well as turning type into an object to use within after effects as it didn't have the transformation option I was after. During this time I also settled on a font after trying several out during the Ram preview stages, of the ones found on DA I selected the font "Doyko" as I felt it kept instyle with the music and it had a stronger prescense than the others on the screen which really made it stand out for me. Animating the fonts proved to be difficult and I'm a little disappointed in my self that I couldn't do anything exceptional with them but overall the effect that I want to achieve was reached.

Working with layers in After effects did make things slightly more easier and being able to add compositions within compositions meant that everything could be organised more smoothly along for any quick fixes to be generally painless experiences.

All that's left is to show the final piece and include an evaluation!

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