Sunday, 3 October 2010

Researching Type

Considering I haven't created any concepts from my title sequence researching which font to use has proved to be tricky so I decided to create a document presenting a list of different types of fonts available to me currently in Photoshop (and that will be available over the whole adobe suite). By having this list I can constantly look at the fonts and decide on how I want the type to look through the development stages of creating the concepts. I feel in my current position this is a good method as it's essentially a mood board but of fonts. See the Document below:

For the title card I wanted to integrate the Hirigana for "In The Miso Soup" but when I tried typing out the characters under several different fonts the characters used the same font every time so I'm going to have to research a method of presenting the Japanese characters differently, this may lead to doing it by hand which is something I'd rather avoid as my hand lettering is far from admirable.

Over the next few days I'm going to start developing the ideas I've been devising in my head, with the font moodboard it should be easier to decide which font to use, by thursday there should be atleast two ideas to present to the Intrim Crit on Friday.

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