Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Contextual Studies: A Brief Introduction

With a new school year comes new classes, this year I received a new tutor for Contextual and Theoretical Studies. The first task that was set was to write a brief introduction about my interests, this should help the new tutor get a good bearing on how to help us develop ideas for dissertations further down the line. So with out further ado here is my brief introduction about my interests;

The main reason I joined this course was because it covered a range of some of my more prominent interests such as animation, film and games design but when it comes down to it, whilst it's interesting to learn about how it's made I'm really more interested it creating the designs and concepts for these aspects of media. I really want to improve my skills in drawing and designing characters, props, vehicles and anything else that might appear in these medias.
When it comes to theoretical studies I was quite impressed by the history of type and I wouldn't mind learning more about the courses subjects and how they've developed through the ages and what the influences upon them have been such as how current politics could have effected Disney animations etc.
As mentioned in a previous post the book I chose to develop into a title sequence is "In The Miso Soup" by Ryu Murakami, the reason I chose this one was because of it's dark themes but contrasts with it's bright setting of Tokyo, I thought this would be able to create some really interesting visuals, also it'd be a fun challenge to try combine the typography of two cultures by trying to integrate Japanese characters into the title sequence somehow.
What I want from the contextual Studies Module is to provide background information to the subjects I'm learning about in my main course to help fill out my knowledge so that when it comes to writing my dissertation I can write about something relevant aswell as being able to write about that subject in a well informed manner.

With that I feel I've explained my general desires about my course with what I want out of it as best as I can right now as to be honest I really have no idea where I want to head in my life and at the moment thats alright.

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  1. Thanks for posting this up. It may be that type becomes something that you want to write about in more detail. It's fair enough that you are really more interested in creating designs and concepts for media. Hopefully it's in the area of concepts for media that contextual studies can help. Your developing skills in drawing and designing characters, props, vehicles and anything else, will come through practice, but most designers I know need to bounce ideas off other people in order to get a concept right and to see if an audience might take the concept on board. So as a pop culture worshiper perhaps its the themes that make up pop cultures that will be what needs looking at in more detail.