Monday, 27 September 2010

The Walking Dead Title Sequence

Whilst surfing my usual online haunts I came across a very well produced fan-made opening for one of this year's most anticipated TV series, "The Walking Dead"! Vimeo user Daniel Kanemoto was such a big fan of the original comic book that he decided to create his own opening to the TV series and I got to say this looks fantastic, I almost wish it was the real one as it's so well produced and put together.

I really like the way Kanemoto has created an almost three-dimensional space and dynamic scenes by using the artwork of Charlie Adlard mixed with the program after effects. The music also fits well and this has prompted me to keep an ear out for pieces of music I would like to use in my own title sequence. Check out this amazing opening below!

It's the subtle touches in this amazing opening that makes it stand out such as the textures and the effects used on the shot of the main character shooting one of the undead! Whilst watching it you'll notice that it's predominately the animation that takes precedence in the opening while the typography showing who the actors and the producers are take what could be considered as a back seat. I would love to create something on this level as it has so much impact; the look, the music and composition are all fantastic, along with the fact that it's just within the time limit of the brief shows what really is possible if a piece is thought through and developed.

For more works by Daniel Kanemoto check out his Vimeo channel here!

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