Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tokyo Moodboard

To help get a grip on what kind of aesthetic I should aim for I decided to create a mood board featuring images from Tokyo in Japan as that is the location of the novel and I feel that some of the best opening credits focus on just one aspect of the narrative, be it a location, an object or a theme. I've already began to develop ideas in my mind about 1 concept that uses locations as it's main motif and hopefully this moodboard will help be develop the layout, colours and other important aspects of the design. Along the way as I develop more concepts based on themes I may have to create more moodboards.

In the moodboard I try to choose predominately night scenes as the narrative generally took place within night scenes, also with the thriller genre a night scene often helps present to the audience a feeling of unease when used in conjunction with the right elements. The night scenes also help create a good contrasting image with the lit up city and some of the colours already go together. Finding the right mood is going to be hard though as I could go 1 of 2 ways either a slow tempo creeping type opening credits that focuses more on theme of the narrative or an upbeat lively style which relates more to the city.

I've also obtained the book, "Tokyo: City And Architecture" by Livio Sacchi (2004, Skira Editore S.p.A.) to help with imagedry of Tokyo to assist development when it comes to creating a city scape of buildings in the conceptual stage of the project. I feel this book will become very useful when it comes to creating thumbnails and storyboards. From here I'm going to look at English and Japanese type as well as opening/closing titles from both.

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