Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Time keeping

When it comes to a project it's always best to create some form of schedule to help keep the project on track and makes sure that everything required gets completed. Since this project end on the 9/11/10 with an intrim crit at 8/10/10 and a final crit at 22/10/10. Before the intrim crit I should have all my research completed along with some concepts and development of a range of ideas. From there I will chose one to develop. For the final crit I will present my progress with my selected idea and adjust it accordingly due to the feedback before handing in the final piece on 9/11/10. Below is a break down of the tasks I have to complete, these objectives all have their own completion dates, I feel that these "Mini-Deadlines" will be very beneficial to the completion of the brief.

Create Moodboard: 29/9/10
Research Typefaces: 3/9/10
Research opening titles: 3/9/10
Create some thumbnails and sample: 6/9/10
Develop a style: 7/9/10
Develop at least 2 storyboard concepts: 7/9/10
Intrim crit: 8/10/10
Decide on an idea to finalise: 8/10/10
Choose a type: 14/10/10
Decide on a range of music to use:21/10/10
Final crit:22/10/10
Decide on a final piece of music to use:1/11/10
Write an Evaluation:8/11/10
Hand in: 9/11/10

With this I'm confident I can complete this project as by the end of this week I hope to have most my research complete.

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