Monday, 27 September 2010

A New Year, A New Brief: Title Sequence

Here I am, I've made it to the second year of the Digital Film, Games & Animation course and with that I've already recieved my new brief for the first project which is Digital Film Production although this brief is a little different. The main outcome of the brief is to create a title sequence for a book that has not yet been adapted into a visual media (TV and film). so think of any film you've seen, you know that bit where it shows who made it and who acted in it along with the title, thats a title sequence. This sequence can be made using any method and programs I chose, so it could all be animation or some live action sections or even a mixture of both, this leaves a lot of possibilities open to be explored.

Obviously with so many books having been adapted into films it's difficult to find one but eventually I settled on the title "In The Miso Soup" by Ryu Murakami, it's got an odd quickiness with spots of humour even though it's a triller style novel. The only other book I can draw a comparison to is "American Psycho" by Bret Easton Ellis. I chose this book as when I had finished reading it I would love to have seen the film acted out with people to see the raw emotion behind the characters once put in the situations that transpire within the narrative.

With it's setting of Kabuki-Cho (known as the red light district of Tokyo), themes of horror and loneliness I feel "In The Miso Soup" has the potential to create many different concepts and approaches when it comes to creating a title sequence. Since deciding on which book to create a title sequence from I've already started creating some mock title cards, coming up with rough arrangements to how the text should be presented, I also researched into how to present the title in it's native Japanese ("In The Miso Soup" would appear as "インザミソスプ") to help add more variation to the titles cards, you can see this below.

click to enlarge.

I plan to do some further development and research into various fonts and develop several ideas from here. I'll also be looking at other title sequences to see what types of methods are used to create the final look.

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