Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Commissions are Open!

I've decide to take on doing some commissions to help earn a little extra cash, boost my portfolio and boost my skills with a pencil. The way it works is like this I'll draw a single character for you, be it a comic, cartoon or a film character, maybe you would even want a sketch yourself looking badass!

The pricing goes as such; for a pencil sketch it's £5, for inks it's £10, I've not yet decided how much colour would cost (this is due to my lack of confidence in colouring). Feel free to request something that isn't on the menu and we'll negotiate a price. At first there will be 10 places to fill as I don't want things to snowball and people not receive their commission!

What you'll recieve is an A4 copy of the sketch along with an unwatermarked digital copy. Payment works via paypal as I will email you an invoice for the commission and postage costs. Below you will find and example of the pencil and inks. (These are the only examples as the first one I did for myself and the second was done after my friend saw what I had done and wanted something similiar).

If you want a commission leave a message below or e-mail me at;

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