Monday, 12 July 2010

Ken Recommends: How To Destroy Angels

After last year's announcement of Trent Reznor putting Nine Inch Nails away for a while and even completely retiring the concept of Nine Inch Nails touring many fans were most likely shocked and are bewildered about what this could mean for the future of one of modern music's most inventive musicians.

Fortunately for last month Reznor announced a new project with Atticus Ross and his wife; Mariqueen Maandig, with this announcement also came a release of a 6 track digital EP that is either free to download or by paying a small amount of $2 you can get a hi-def version that includes a HD download of the Music Video for "The Spaces Inbetween" from the EP. The physical copy of this EP will be released in the UK on 19/7/10.

The music is in a very similar to later Nine Inch Nails albums, most notable 2008's "The Slip", but with some driving beats and Maandig's vocals giving it a much different spin to the usual formula that may make it more accessible to new listeners.

In other news it's been revealed via that Reznor and Ross have scored and are beginning to record the music to David Fincher's upcoming movie "The Social Network". It seems that Reznor is more than pleased with the outcome so far and reports on the movie; "It's really fucking good. And dark!"

All this news is sure to bring some faith back to fans that Reznor hasn't given up on music and is more busy than ever. To download the new EP click on the link below, and also check out the website for Fincher's new film "The Social Network"!

Keep coming back for more updates including a review of the new EP!

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