Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ken Recommends: How To Destroy Angels EP Review

Trent Reznor is back making music after his announcement of "putting Nine Inch Nails away for a while". His new band named "How To Destroy Angels" with his lovely wife Mariqueen Maandig and cohort Atticus Ross (Previously worked with Reznor of Ghosts I-IV) is set to hopefully give some music to long time fans but hopefully bring in a whole new audience with this new sound, so how does the EP stand up to Reznor's already impressive back log?

To start off the EP consists of 6 Tracks which all have the polish that would normally be found on the finally product, so at this stage who knows how the final album will sound like. Any one familiar with Reznor's later works such as "Ghosts" or "The Slip" will find the sound of the album to be like an old friend who has recently had a bit of a make over.

Full of electronic beats and interesting sounds that could only be describe as the communication of electrical devices will always keep the listener interested, the mix of guitar drones and slick bass lines help create a hypnotic atmosphere that is only re-enforced by it's driving drums beats. What truly makes this EP stand out are the vocals provided by Maandig, her voice creates a mixture of both alluring and beautiful meoldies. Accompanied by the electronic beats and cutting drum riffs makes this singer sound like a morden day Siren.

The first single "The Spaces Inbetween" sets the tone nicely for this band as it shows the type of music they want to present. With an opening and verse that sucks you with it's strict drums and large drones, Maandigs voice floats in almost as if in a dream. What really makes this a great track is the chorus, opening into a cresendo of sounds like stars falling from the sky. So much detail has been put in to keep the listener interested, you may not notice it the first time but it really does seperate this band from other Electronic based bands out there.

Another noticble track is "Fur lined" with it's faster pace and it's more traditional song structure makes this a song thats just begging to be played in a club. With a Bass that really fills out the track and Guitar parts that are so simple they're ingenius it shows that Reznor and Ross can still create a song that can appeal to winder audiences.

When listening to this EP NIN fans will instantly recognise this as a cousin of sorts to albums like "With Teeth" and "The Slip", but with a more experimental sound and Maandig's voice creating a whole new identity for the band How To Destroy Angels should be a lot more accessible to a wider audience, especially considering you can download it for free from the band's website.

Overall a great album especially for those into more experimental or electronic music, with some really interesting highlights this is one that you're going to have to keep you're eye on.

Downloand the EP for free below:

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