Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Beta

For those interested in video games it's no surprise that Final Fantasy XIV was announced last year, but it was a shock when Square Enix announced that it will be a online MMORPG in the same style as Final Fantasy XI. News around the next installment has been fairly quiet with tid bits of information being released every now and then to wet excited players' taste buds.

Recently Square Enix have announced that release dates for the PC and Playstation 3 version of the game (20/09/10 for PC and ??/03/11 for PS3 ) but no announce ment of an X-Box 360 version (for now). Along with release dates Square have also revealed that there will be two editions, a standard and a Limited Edition (that's released a week earlier on the 22 september 2010) that comes with a collection of goodies!

Before the game hits retail Square have allowed people to apply to become a beta tester for the game to report on bugs and the genre style of the game to help on improving it before it hits retail. For those who played Square's previous online it was far from perfect but did deliver an enjoyable game, with an exciting world and a great community. It's only failings were the leveling and questing system which proved to be lengthy and often dull.

Now I have been lucky enough to have been selected to be apart of the beta unfortunately I have had to agree to confidentiality on information about the game it's self but with online games there is usually an asking price to play per month and FFXIV's will be a cheeky £8.99. So I will be giving little updates here and there to help my readers decide if the new game will be worth the admission cost.

Unfortunately I can't give much of a scoop right now as I can't get even the download client to work at the moment, but I am working furiously to try fix it. I do hope it's not my archaic Graphics Card...

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