Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Beta: Player's Site

So I've been trying to get onto this beta for over a week now after being given the invitation to join it, luckily I finally managed to get the download client to get to work (through means probably not appricieated by Square Enix). Unfortunately I've not be able to play the game at all due to server errors and a whole host of other problems. Apparently scheduled tests have even had to be cancelled due to technical errors, as far as betas go this one has seen some terrible problems which reflects badly on Square Enix, especially if they're expecting to get this out by september and have people pay a month fee for it.

Overall the beta test seems like a terrible waste of time both for the people behind it and the selected testers but I am able to bring you some news about what will be coming out to accompany new and old mmo players for Final Fantasy XIV. Square have created a "Players Site" which will alows players to connect more easily after reading the features (See below) it seems like a myspace/facebook type of site for FF XIV.

Site Features

- Home
View your character's profile, write a blog, and follow other users.
The most recent posts to the Players' Site—as well as comments to your blog—are displayed on your top page.
  • Character Profile
    View your character's data.
    -Displayed information
    Character name (World name) / Race / Class / Nameday / Guardian / Starting City / Physical Level / Experience / Points / HP / MP / TP / Attributes (STR, INT, etc.) / Elements / Skill List
  • Blog
    Maintain a blog with entries of your adventures and escapades.
  • Follow
    See what other users on the Players' Site have been writing about in their blogs.
    *A log of the posts by players you are following will be displayed under "Posts" in the Follow section of your page.

- Account Settings
Select the character you wish to use the site with, upload images, and more.

- Search
Use this helpful feature to find characters and blogs on the Players' Site.

- Character Pages
View other player's character profiles and blogs, and see who they're following.

This seems like a great idea for people keeping in touch with each other outside of the game, as a play of Square's previous online effort; Final Fantasy XI. I can say that it was extremely hard to keep in touch and plan things, now if they add a feature messaging feature that'll also notify players in-game such as "Hey you playing today? want to go raid that huge dungeon we saw last time?" that would be pretty cool, but for now who knows how this will turn out as the beta has seem to have fallen flat on it's face.

If you're not on the beta and want me to try forward something on, an idea or feature you'd like to see just leave me a comment below!

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