Saturday, 31 July 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Beta: Making a Character

I finally managed to get a chance to play the Final Fantasy XIV beta after much trouble, unfortunately my experience with it was less than perfect as I found out whilst playing that I need a new graphics card to run the game from. Nevertheless I did play enough to get a fairly good idea of what gameplay is like, including creating a character which has got more advanced than previously! (Sorry for the poor quality pictures prtscrn didn;t seem to want to work)

Much like it's predessor, Final Fantasy XIV allows players to create their own unique character, this time thought the systems is a little different and allows for more customisation. To start off you choose your race, you can select from 4 different types; Hyur (Humans), Elezen (Elves), Lalafell (children like dwarfs), Roegadyn (Big kinda...things) and finally Miqo'te (Cat girl). Whilst most classes have the option to choose gender Roegadyn and Miqo'te only come in Male and female respectively.

After choosing your race you can choose a sub race such as Highland Hyur which look more like you Western style characters or for Miqo'te Keepers of the Moon who have much more darker look to them. From their you choose a template and can begin modifying hair styles, eye colour, eye shape and a hope host of other things such as a selection of features. It's a shame that the level of customisation isn't on the same level as other rpgs such as Mass Effect or A.P.B. but it is an improvement from the first online attempt by Square.

Next you get to choose a class for your character, this time things have really expanded. This time allowing players to choose from 2 distinct paths for their character, the path of war where you can select a character to follow the disciplines of war or magic character or the path of craft where you choose the disciplines of Land or the crafting. It's good to see such a wide range of options that will surely cater to everyone's pallet but with the craft options as a class it's hard to see many players choosing this. In the end I choose to follow the Discipline of War as it was what was most familiar to me.

From there you choose one of 5 even more specialised versions of that class; Pugilist (hand to hand), Marauder (Axes), Gladiator (Swords), Archer (Bow and arrows) or Lancer (Polearms). Hopefully when it comes to playing the game characters won't always have to battle with their respective specialised weapons as part of the fun in the previous installment was trying new types of weapons.

After you can choose a guardian deity, I haven't found out what this will do yet but I have a theory that it may have something to do with a character's special abilities, and don't worry about choosing one in fear of everyone having the same, there are 12 different deities to choose from.

Next you name you character, then you can select your server from the several currently availible so that if you have a friend who wants to play too you can tell them which one you're on and you can easily play together. You then choose your starting town and from there you'll be ready to play!

Overall this new character systems is a bit lacking in customisation considering other RPG but it does have a fair indepth class slection system, if this is a good thing or will limited players is yet to be known, considering Final Fantasy XI this character creation process has taken a leap including a nice layout that's easy to understand with gamepad friendly navigation. The graphics are a huge improvement (they had better be considering the min. requirements) and are a real treat for the eyes. This game is more than likely going to pull in fans from XI but hopefully it'll bring in more players from outside of Square's fan base.

To find more information on Final Fantasy XIV, check out the official website!


  1. Do you think it's one you'd have played if you didn't beta test it? Looking forward to a playing review ^_^

  2. I'd have defiently bought it and given it a try, hopefully it won't take 3 months to be delivered to me like the last one. But I really wanted to beta test this game as I enjoyed XI but this adds so much to that basic templated that was founded back then.