Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Blog moves on to the hit count 1,000! (Just 280 hits late)

Well here we are, one thousand (two hundred and eighty) hits later and I'm still going strong, thank you so much to every one who has come here by accident think they were going to get something interesting and an even bigger thank you to those who came, liked what they saw and came back again!

Even though over the last month or so I haven't been that active for personal reasons, I've been trying to complete all the things that I want to do this summer, whilst also keeping this up, but other predicaments have come up unfortunately. Hopefully for now the drama is over and I can get back to telling you things that you don't care about but you still come here to read.

It's really humbling to think that one thousand people have taken an interest in my little articles, features and ramblings, so as promised here is that 1,000 hits thank you image! (Sorry it took a while).

Thank you everyone!

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