Friday, 18 June 2010

Ken Recommends: Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.11: You are [Not] Alone

Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.11: You are [Not] Alone
Release: 01/09/07
Running time: 98 mins.
Studio: Studio Khara (in association w/ Gainex)
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: 12+
Director: Hideaki Anno
Writer: Hideaki Anno
Starring: Megumi Ogata,
Megumi Hayashibara and
Kotono Mitsuishi.

15 years ago a TV series was created that changed not only the way giant robot shows could be presented but also the medium of anime as a whole. Now Hideaki Anno has recreated his beloved series condensing in into 4 movies known as the "Rebuild of Evangelion". Using the advances in technology to wow a new generation of audiences does Anno recapture the magic or has he completely sold out on fans of the original?

Before we get to that burning point, those unfamiliar with Evangelion are probably wondering the rough plot. It's the year 2015 and the world is recovering from "Second Impact", an event that wiped out half of the life on Earth. In Tokyo-3 Shinji Ikari has come to meet with his estranged father after being sent an offer to come work for his company, whilst trying to find his assigned contact Tokyo-3 is suddenly attack by a behemoth creature known as an Angel. It's revealed that Shinji has been drafted into Piloting the giant robot known as an 'Evangelion' to combat the threat of the Angels. Whilst this seems like a fairly standard concept Evangelion is rich is theology and character development, it's this attention to detail that really makes it stand apart from similar films/series.

So how do this updated movie compare to the original series? The first thing that has to be noted on is that this film covers the first 6 episodes of the series and obviously condensing 6 lots of a 25 min tv show in to a 90 min slot is going to be hard, whilst watching "You are [not] Alone" it's clear details have been sacrificed such as the building of relationships between other characters and Shinji but, there has been so much work put in to animate this film that it's almost forgivable. The new designs make sure add something new without alienating older fans, infact much of the newer content isn't really apparent until much later in the film but again for older fans of the series this new content is beyond stunning and will be worth the wait and sacrifice.

Whilst much of the emotional content between characters has been cut in this rendition the likable characters from the series are still there, I would recoomend the series over this for people looking for something more substantial but as an action movie this should fit the bill. This is a must for anime fans new and old, but I also suggest that anyone who hasn't tried much Japanese animation to watch this as it's an example of it done with the up most care and love resulting in a quality piece of entertainment.

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