Monday, 7 June 2010

Digital Film Production: Special Effects

When it came to the adding of special effects it was generally minor touches such as adjusting lighting and digitally removing stage equipment. The lighting was very easy as all I had to do was select the clip that I want to adjust and add a filter and adjusting the brightness there and then to the desired level.

When it came to mapping out the the visable equipment all I did was create the video filter "8 point mapping" which add 8 markers to the sellected film strip, with this I then pull in the corners where I don't want anything to be seen. This creates a pretty weird image so I use the adjustments "choke" and "feather" to smooth of the edges but where I've nipped and tucked the scene there is only a black bacground. To combat this I create a slug layer of pure white and place it underneath. with the choke and feather effects it creates a seemless look.

With the imagedry of the film complete all thats left to do is complete the sound design and apply it to the final production.

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