Monday, 7 June 2010

Digital Film Production: Rotoscoping

When it finally came to the rotoscoping it was a fairly simple but lengthy process. With the rough cut all I had to do was export the sequence that I wanted to rotoscope as an image sequence and then import them into photoshop to animate frame by frame, to try make this process less time enduring that it would be already I decided to use a technique I had learned from my previous Rotoscoping venture which was by animating every second frame. Due to this when it comes to adding it to the final pruction I will have to render these frames at half the rate (the standard rate being 24 fps making the animation's frame rate 12 fps).

The Style that I used for animating was similar to that of my Ghost graphic novel but without the backgrounds, a very free flowing and sketch look I comepleted this by using only white backgrounds and a black, size 3 brush. Overall there were 209 frames to animate this took play over many hours across 4 days, the end result was quite pleasing making the time spent drawing the frames out, hopefully it should fit quite well into the final piece.

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