Monday, 7 June 2010

Digital Film Production: Music Supervisor

Whilst chatting with others about the progress their own projects, it turns out that Dave Harris needed some assistance with his music. I agreed to help at to look at what the problem was, he showed me the melody he planned to accompany with his film. I noticed the problem right away being that his piano section was out of beat with the set time signature of 4/4. I suggested that we go down to the AV suite to use the more advanced computer software to complete his meoldy section as a single sample and then re-import it on his original composition as a sample.

First we needed to establish what keys Dave had played, once we had done that, I played the meoldy in Ableton but suggested that we added some chords underneath to give it a bit more depth. I presented this altered sample to Dave and he agree that we should stick with it. There was some confusion to gettting the piece to sound just right, after trying a multitude of different methods Dave and I cracked that it was the compositions Tempo that needed to be altered. With that implace I looped the sample and gave it back to Dave, who in turn seemed pleased by the end result.

Overall I felt that there was good communication between Dave and myself resulting in a sample that should help round out Dave's Film.

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