Monday, 7 June 2010

Digital Film Production: Music Design

For the sound design there were two main things that had to be considered and many other little things that needed attention. One of the biggest things to consider was the sound of the voice speaking to the character, I had envisioned a voice with distortion and reverb to create a weird echoey kind of voice. The whole concept is to have the voice be the same character but to have it changed in a way that it'll only be reminiscant of the original recording.

The audio program I used was Ableton as it's the one I'm most experienced with and have access to. I created one variation of the vocal lines but unfortunately the effects I added made it un clear to what was being said so I started from scratch a bit more simply. I created two tracks with the audio adjusting the settings by transposing one track down by 2 notchs and another up by 1 notch, this already creates a weird sound. I then added beat repeaters and reverb adjusting it accordingly to a point that I feel it fits.

The other main point was the sound of the white space, for this I wanted an ambient but disjointed track. I experimented with a few instruments but none of them really fitted my vision until I came across one titled "Abstract & Endless". With some tweeking it created a weird collection of sounds that mimicked absract sounds of information, I then added a vinyl crack that I feels completes the sound that I was after.

With these two aspects complete all I needed to do was adjust the audio attached to the footage, this was easy enough just by adusting the audio settings to get rid of the slight crackling of the audio.

With the audio development complete all that's left is to put it together with the footage to create the final version.

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