Monday, 7 June 2010

Digital Film Production: Last Day of Shooting

The last day of shooting took place on Friday 28th May. I had collected my crew consisting of myself and Will Farrell to pick up the filimg equipment such as the camera, tri-pod and red head for lighting. There were some delays in recieveing the equipment to start shooting but this was soon resolved as I decided to use this time to record some of the lines needed from my actress, Jess.

With the sound recorded I picked up the equipment and hired a taxi to take me, the cast and crew to the shooting location. From there we set up the equipment very carefully as we would be working with water in our location of a bathroom. For ligthing we positioned the red head outside the room pointing up at an angle, because of the white ceiling this helped illuminate the room by a substantial amount. For sound equipment we used a simple boom mic like before attached into the camera.

The filming was fair easy to do as this scene didn't appear much in the final product. Overall management of the team was fairly simple just explaining what was need and discussing how we could achieve that. We had a great communication between each other making it the whole filimg process much easier. Once all the shots that we needed had been recorded we packed the equipment back up and returned the equipment, next is to create a rough cut to start making the final version from.

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