Monday, 7 June 2010

Digital Film Production: Dream: The Final Cut

After weeks of development, planning, filming, editing and adding special effects I finally have my completed film. Whilst the final out come is not 100% what I had envisioned I feel that I have done justice to my original concept. And with a few convenient accidents that helped make the film have it's own weird charm, one such accident was when I was developing music for the white room space I decided it didn;t fit but I kept on developing it. This piece ended up being the melody that you hear over the ending credits.

Overall I'm happy with the outcome and glad to have completed it but I feel that my directing skills are not as good as some of the others in the class as I feel if I had explained my idea to some one else they would have been able to create a better overall piece of film. It was a fun experience to organise people effeciantly to get work done as quickly as possible and to help create a friendly environment to make sure people weren't feeling pressured.

By using my Scheduling plan I also managed to complete the film on time with no stress or hassle. The greatest challenge was creating the rotoscoping effect as that took a lot of time to create and then when importing it into final cut to use with the film it seems I had under esimated the frame rate and had to cut in half again to 6 frames per sec. These slight problems aside the overall project has ran fairly smoothly for myself.

Check out the final cut of my film below.

And with this film finished so is my first Year of University at the Leeds College of Art on the course Digital Film, Games and Animation.

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