Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ken Recommends: Various Comics

It's been a while since I've suggested some comics to you guys and boy howdy is now the time to do so more than ever with new titles coming out this month now is a great time for new readers to get into comics! So, lets Dive right in!

Galacta: Daughter of Galactus
written by: Adam Warren
Art by: "Elsevilla"

This one shot issue re-introduces readers to a Galacta who first appeared in "Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular". People then voted amoungst the characters in this issue they would like to see again and Galacta came out on top. Being a single issue with no prior reading knowledge of story lines just knowledge of who Marvel's characters makes this a great issue for new readers to start on. Galacta is beautifully illustrated and the story is a cut away from the norm of super heroics focusing on Galacta trying to stave of her indomitable appitite (she is the daughter of the World-Eater Galactus of course!). With some good lines and an enjoyable main character this should be a good little pick up for collectors and partial readers. At the end you can email marvel if you really enjoy telling them if you want to see more of Galacta, here's the email if you don't spot it! mondomarvel@marvel.com

iZombie #1
Written by: Chris Roberson
Art by: Micheal Allred

The first issue in a limited series from Chris Robinson and Micheal Allred about your average girl, Gwen and her average friends. Whats the twist? well she just happens to need to eat brains every month to stop from turning into the shambling undead and her friends arn't that much different such as her Ghost house mate and the werewolf down the road with a crush. It's a mixed up world with an excellent concept and great artwork from star artist Allred. If you're looking for something a little different to add to your monthly list iZombie is what you're after, with a great plot starting out in this first issue it's exciting to wonder where this issue is going and with a new twist to zombie mythology. And at a special price of $1 you can afford to give it a try!

The Avengers #1
Written by: Brian Micheal Bendis
Art By John Romita Jr.

Siege is over and Steve Rogers is back! Enter the Heroic Age with The Avengers! This issue is great for new readers as every #1 should be re-introducing the new line-up of the team assembled by Rogers none other than himself to help show people what heroes are all about. This issue also sets up a new threat for these Avengers to face, with some great dialogue going off between characters such as Tony Stark, Thor and Rogers himself (except Bendis's wierd fixation by making Spider-Man the comic relief of the group, but I guess some one has to be...), the art work in this comic as with all of Romita Jr's stuff blew me away and in my opinion JRJR's art style is perfect for the flagship title to usher in the Heroic Age. This issue sets up a great adventure for The Avengers to embark upon including a threat from the future, which I always enjoy when pulled off well!

Written by: Frederic L'Homme
Art by: Arnaud Bouboiron

A part of Marvel's ever expanding Soleil line in which they translate and publish European comics for American audience. Husk is a piece of classic Sci-fi, imagine A Scanner Darkly mixed with any generic Mecha Anime, that's pretty much what Husk is. Enter Husk pilots, trained to be used in avariety of situations including law enforcement. Follwoing the story of Sarah we're introduced to what it's like to Pilot a bio-mechanical behemoth and her desperate struggle to balance the sensation outside of her Husk and without an unknown "Brain-Hacker" on the loose this makes and interesting comic to read! With some of the best art and writing I've read in a long time this is a monthly mag' to keep your eye on!

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1
Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Adam Kubert

The final one on my list of recommendations is one for the tights, Astonishing Spidey & Wolvie. Described as an odd couple to team up (usually wolverine almost goes to far and spidey convinces him not too) it's good to see Aaron shaking things up. Whilst it's clear the two don't like working together this issue makes a set up like no other I've seen, unfortunately I'm too giddy about other people reading this to give away what it is but what I will say is that it's far different from what the cover hints at. The writing it's great and the art suits the tone perfectly. Whats more is that this is 100% friendly for all readers old and young, long standing Marvel readers are going to enjoy other aspects of this magazine too (you'll know what I'm talking about when you see). What's really great is that this is a limited run so you won't be buying loads of issues and the formula won't get stale (hopefully!).

Well look at that 5 mini-reviews! surely that makes up for the lack of comic suggestions? Any ways True Believers, keep an eye out for more Ken Recommends ranging from films, video games and comics and who knows maybe a few odd ball things in the future!

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