Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Doodles: Nick Fury Edition!

It's been a while since I've done this so it's time again for some little doodles that I work on in my spare time. You've already seen my big thanks for over 500 hits and judging by the way things are going I'll have to make the 1,000 hits picture soon too! so thank you for that!

A doodle of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick fury as I loved Iron Man 2 and want to see more of this awesome Fury!

The second two are roughs that were for biggin imagines one for branding my internet channel with and another piece I want to work on after playing the excellent game Mirror's Edge. A piece I plan to try complete to a higher standard than my previous pieces of art work.

And this was drawn on the pack of a package for an eBay customer who bought quite a few comics from me (mainly spidey comics obviously!). Don't forget to check out my Portfolio or Deviant art Account, links are found below my profile on the right.

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