Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Digital Film Productions: Storyboard

With the script and storyboard completed, cast and crew all collected for the shoot. Everything is running very smoothly despite the hiccups in scheduling but hopefully shooting and sound recording shall be completed by the end of this week and I should have a rough edit to work with by next week. Below I've included a copy of my storyboard which are more of a starting point to work from due to my unfamiliarity with the infinity curve on which I'll be shooting on. The main concept is that the character is in a place with a vast amount of undefinable space whilst having a conversation with an unseen character. It'll propably be quite difficult to try capture my concept but I'll just have to wing it. Enjoy the storybaords.

The style is pretty rough as I just wanted to get the essense of the shot so forgive me for the sloppy "art". Hopefully these will come in handy when shooting.


  1. I would about 20 of these hits are me. I don't normally read blogs cos most of them are boring, but you link to yours a lot on twitter so it's not much effort to get to and i like that cos im a lazy cunt. My favourite thing is 'Ken recommends'. I would like to see more doodles on ebay packaging and swear words. Possibly a bit about jodie marsh.Keep up the good work.

  2. See. I can't even comment on the right bit. I didn't even read this blog post cos it's about your film and I dont read about your film to avoid spoilers and really cos I'm not interested in all this technical nonsense.