Friday, 21 May 2010

Digital Film Production: Securing an Actress

Well today has been quite fruitful as I have managed to secure one of my friends as an actress to appear in my film who seems committed to helping the production of the film, I feel much more confident about the production as more pieces fall into place especial with a final written version of the script. I talked through everything that would be required of my friend, Jess such as the bath scenes, audio recording and she seemed more than delighted to be able to help. I feel very lucky to have got a hold of Jess for this production as her outer persona fits very well with the character I've written hopefully I'll be able to get a good performance out of her, in any case I'm grateful I have people on board to help my production.

Unfortunately I will have to reschedule shooting time to accommodate Jess's time period as I had planned and booked equipment a bit prematuraly expecting everything to go according to plan but that is why I made time for any hiccups or complications to be smoothed out, so there hasn't been much of a set back. All that's left is to type up the final version of the script and to finish the storyboard which hopefully shall be finished in the next 24 hours. All that will be left will be to find at least 2 other people to help crew. Everything is quickly falling into place, I still need to discuss with my tutors about how to pull of some effects but it'd shouldn't cause too much of delay in time as I have all of this coming monday for preperation.

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