Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Digital Film Production: Production Plan

With three weeks left until I have to present my short film I've devised an action plan to utilise my time as effectively as possible. I feel I'm almost out of the planning the stage and the vision I have for this film is becoming much clearer.

  • Week 1, 17th May: Complete storyboard, final version of script, fill in all nessary paper work and find crew and actors.
  • Week 2, 24th May: Start shooting in locations make rough edit to work with and start rotoscoping.
  • Week 3, 31st May: Finalise all effects and editing and create final version for viewing.

This plan if followed also allows for extra time but ideally I hope to finish this film a full 24 hours before the deadline. Keep an eye out for the storyboard that'll be posted here later in the week.

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