Friday, 14 May 2010

Digital Film Production: Principal Photography

Once we had our storybpard all set out it was time to do some scouting for locations to shoot the film. We decided to keep the locations fairly locale to where we would be editing as it didn't matter too much about the location. We settled on the Leeds college of art building, blenhiem walk and a small section of hyde park to film in as the three string together fairly well and should help with the representation of progression of distance through the narrative.

We tried to get shots that were fairly accurate to the storyboard and in all honesty when I was drawing it up I had the college's layout in mind so it only made sense that we should shoot there. These are just 4 examples of the principal photos we took, we also took some footage of the locations we wanted to use that will appear below here once it has been edited together. What's next? shooting!

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