Monday, 17 May 2010

Digital Film Production: More Final Cut tools

As I will be using Final Cut Pro to edit my short film together, today in class we had an exercise where we had to create a coherent sequence using the multi-shot ability in Final Cut Pro. A multi Shot sequence is a video clip inter laced with other clips which at the click of a mouse allow the editor to jump between shots more easily making the editing process on a certain scene easier. So for instance if you have a shot of an explosion by getting several cameras to film it you'll have many different angles to view the scene from giving the editor a wide range of shots to use and because all the scenes of the same thing the audio should match up fairly easily.

Below I used a multi shot of a scene from the tv series "Monk" and editing them together to flow easier as a sequence. I used four different shots to create this short sequence, two were of the same conversation over the two characters' shoulders, one of a different take of the same conversion which included a different shot and finally one was of a close up a character.

I also used the "Roll Tool" to scrub and settle on sections where the shot changes camera. This tool is very useful in fine tuning a squence whilst editing and was agreat help in making my sequence look as smooth as possible in terms of the flow of conversation.

These tools and techniques will no doubt prove to be very useful when it comes to creating my own film, it might even be a good idea to sign out more than one camera.

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