Friday, 14 May 2010

Digital Film Production: The First Cut

So after a week of organising and preparing me and my team went out and shot everything we needed over two days, we decided to shoot the interior shots of the college in the evening as it would be fairly quiet and deserted. We opted to shoot the outside scenes fairly early in the morning as it would be quieter making it easier to shoot the scenes we needed with less interuptions from people walking into frame. After that I created a rough cut using the Storyboard as a guide to outline the bare bones of the production, I put some music from an album I had on my harddrive as currently I'm unsure of how to tackle the sound aspect. I will discuss this with my team. Below is the first cut.

We used Ben as the main character and I played the stalker, some of the trickier shots were the tracking shots of the feet and faces but overall it was a fairly painless experience, except for the running scenes. Overall I feel we have a fairly good outline of a film to start working on further with.

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