Friday, 14 May 2010

Digital Film Production: The Final Cut

Below you will find the final cut for the first film my team and I set out to do, for the sound we decided to try use the tracks from the BBC sound FX library to see how well they could match up. We also cut the whole scene of the character walking through the building as we felt it didn't really add much to the narrative and felt more forced in.

We learned a great deal from this exercise such as how to tackle sound, after completing this we decided that further ventures in filming would require us to bring sound recording equipment along to get accurate sounds that represent the locations we're filiming in. We also learned that we need a motion stablizer when completeing tracking shots. As a first effort We feel we've learned alot that will allow us to create a much better production the next time it comes to this and the experience we've gained in organisation of shooting and the amount of paperwork that goes behind it is important to making the process of editing much more easily navigational. Overall this first film has been a fun and interesting introduction to the course in both educating about use of equipment and working in teams

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